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when life has ripped us apart, I will meet you in my dreams. you’re already there forever. 10:34 PM Jan 5th 2010

one soul abiding in two bodies [Aristotle’s definition of friendship, education of the soul] 10:09 AM Dec 30th, 2009

you steal places in my heart previously unknown. 12:37 AM Dec 20th, 2009

sometimes we journey into our minds when we feel vulnerable or feel unsafe to be. we dissect eachother’s words until they no longer exist. 10:41 PM Nov 27th, 2009

amidst a shifting paradigm is a lofty place to stand within my mind’s eye. 8:33 PM Oct 19th, 2009

sometimes we hold onto things because they remind us that something destroyed was once good, but the cobwebs create harm. purging. 7:52 PM Oct 18th, 2009

exchanging energy from a distance, he moves me, i feel him. 11:28 PM Oct 17th, 2009

internal torment will ruin your life and eat you alive – free yourself to overcome and survive. 1:59 PM Oct 9th, 2009

hate the wound? wounds heal. love the scar as it fades – it serves as a reminder of our journey and lessons learned along the way. 7:00 PM Oct 4th, 2009

i’m a product of my experience in life, love & loss. constantly learning & making the needed adjustments to be a better friend and partner. 6:34 PM Oct 3rd, 2009

biggest mistake made by couples is letting outside folks penetrate the mechanics of the relationship; shifting the dynamic & landscape. 6:27 PM Oct 3rd, 2009

the exchange of honesty within yourself and with others is a beautiful thing. experience the freedom to live and love – without a mask. 6:02 PM Oct 3rd, 2009

appreciate the silence, the mind will respect what matters to the heart. tomorrow holds forgiveness & release. armor falls. 11:24 PM Oct 2nd, 2009

the pain we carry is the love we withhold. 10:30 AM Sep 30th, 2009


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January 20, 2010 at 8:44 pm